Angelfish Baby Room

Angelfish Baby Room

Angelfish Baby Room

Our Angelfish baby room is for children aged 3 months to 18 months. We have a maximum of 9 babies. We maintain the highest ratio of 1:3, allowing us lots of time to play with the children, as well time for their developmental activities and learning opportunities.

The room has a large soft carpeted area ideal for tummy time and learning to take first steps. We have a large low level mirror wall, cosy corners as well as a dedicated reading area. This space is a tranquil, soft, explorative area which includes a focused baby area, sensory treasure baskets, musical instruments, cushions, and soft gym toys. Our role play kitchen area is always very popular with our smallest children.

We do all our eating and messy play on the wooden floor allowing us to go wild with paint and sensory play. We have a mix of both high chairs and low level chairs which help to keep meal times a really social experience.

The nappy changing area is separate to the main room, however there is a clear line of sight to ensure safeguarding protocols. Leading on from the nappy room, is our separate cot room. The cot room provides a dark and cosy atmosphere with a large light up starfish located on the celling. The cot room doubles up as our sensory room, allowing small groups of children to expand their cultural capital.

The babies in Angelfish, have access to our large garden throughout the day. Allowing them the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, enjoy our mud kitchen, water stations and most importantly have regular fresh air.

There is a daily routine in Angelfish, but this is very flexible and takes into account each child’s individual needs.  A typical day will include activities such as painting, sticking, messy play, garden time, stories and singing to aid each child’s learning and development, but most of all, it will include time spent with knowledgeable and caring adults, to ensure they have a happy and fun filled day!

Nappies are checked regularly throughout the day and changed as often as needed.   Parents are required to supply nappies and baby wipes/cotton wool for their child’s needs.

Parents are also required to supply formula milk, already premeasured in containers, for their baby. When your child is ready to begin weaning please see your room staff who will talk you through our menu and plan which foods you would like us to introduce and when.

Rainbowfish Tiddlers

Rainbowfish Tiddlers

Our Rainbowfish Tiddler room is for children aged 18 months to 30 months. We can have a maximum of 12 children in our conservatory on a ratio of 1:3 and 1:4 for children over 24 months of age.

Rainbowfish Tiddlers encourages children to start to become more independent. This is achieved through play and challenging them to start to try to do things for themselves with staff on hand to encourage and offer support. i.e., using cups with handles but no lids. We have direct access straight out into the back garden, to enable free flow in the better weather.

The children are encouraged to select activities and resources independently however the practitioners also have daily structured adult led activities and experiences.

Again, Rainbowfish Tiddlers daily routine is flexible and is tailored to fit around the children.

Nappies are checked regularly throughout the day and changed as often as needed, and toilet training can begin whenever the child is ready.  Parents are required to supply nappies and baby wipes/cotton wool for their child’s needs.

Rainbowfish Toddlers

Rainbowfish Toddlers

Our Rainbowfish Toddler room is for ages 30-42 months and can hold up to 12 children on a 1:4 ratio.  Within this room the children are supported to develop independent skills, such as putting their own coats on, toilet training, attempting to cut up food at mealtimes etc.

Lots of different construction and small bit play to encourage fine motor skills whilst using their imagination. Each room has a dedicated reading area where the children can access a wide range of printed materials. Nappy changing facilities re located within the room, for children who are toilet training the brightly coloured under the sea themed bathroom provides all facilities needed with practitioners on hand to help.

Independence is encouraged within this age group. This will be developed through activities such as your child starting to dress themselves after music and movement, cutting their own foods at mealtimes or visiting the toilet with minimal adult support. We are very aware that every child develops at a different speed, so assistance will always be offered with gradual and subtle encouragement which we believe leads to success.

Toddlers will also use the front garden which is a much more natural space with logs and tyres to climb on, a mud kitchen, large climbing frame and swing, musical wall and opportunities to build dens.

Musical exploration, physical activities and art craft sessions are encouraged throughout the nursery and at this age children really begin to bloom creatively. We believe that children need space and a variety of different surroundings to keep their minds stimulated. At Starfish we know we can provide this.

Jellyfish Preschool

Jellyfish Preschool

Jellyfish is our preschool room for children aged 42-60 months. Children over 36 months are looked after on a 1:8 ratio. Our Preschool is a wonderfully large and airy room, It is light and brightly decorated and has been designed with a child’s eye view in mind; the storage has been kept to a minimum and designed to allow maximum floor space for the children to explore new skills and experiences.

This room is heavily influenced by the curriculum and divided into very significant areas.

This room then leads out into our large garden where the children can enjoy access to sand & water, planting and digging areas and a variety of bikes.  We have a wonderfully soft play surface that has been designed in the way of a road which will often lead the children into learning about road safety, however, on occasion we can be witness to a little ‘dangerous driving’!

We will use the iPads to further children’s knowledge and develop skills whilst ensuring they stay safe online.

Gradually this age group will be introduced to numbers, letters, colours and basic reading and writing skills to help their development and to encourage them to reach the “Stepping Stones” that will prepare them for school. All staff are encouraged to liaise with parents with regard to how much preparation for school life they feel is appropriate. Each child in Jellyfish will have  a “ school book” in which they will have exercises in pencil control, maths language, forming the letters of their names, for 10 minutes each week. Again, Jellyfish have access to our top garden, providing the chance for children to manage their own risks as well as explore insects, the mud kitchen, musical wall and further develop gross motor skills.

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