Jellyfish Toddler Room

Our Preschool is a wonderfully large and airy room, that can hold up to 31 children.  It is light and brightly decorated and has been designed with a child’s eye view in mind; the storage has been kept to a minimum and designed to allow maximum floor space for the children to explore new skills and experiences.

This room is heavily influenced by the curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage), and divided into very significant areas.

This room then leads out into our large garden where the children can enjoy access to sand & water, planting and digging areas and a variety of bikes.  We have a wonderfully soft play surface that has been designed in the way of a road which will often lead the children into learning about road safety, however,  on occasion we can be witness to a little  ‘dangerous driving’!

Gradually this age group will be introduced to numbers, letters, colours and basic reading and writing skills to help their development and to encourage them to reach the “Stepping Stones” that will prepare them for school. All staff are encouraged to liaise with parents with regard to how much preparation for school life they feel is appropriate.

Independence is encouraged in this age group. This will be developed through activities such as your child starting to dress themselves after music and movement, cutting their own foods at mealtimes or visiting the toilet with minimal adult support. We are very aware that every child develops at a different speed, so assistance will always be offered with gradual and subtle encouragement which we believe leads to success.

Musical exploration, physical activities and art craft sessions are encouraged throughout the nursery and at this age children really begin to bloom creatively. We believe that children need space and a variety of different surroundings to keep their minds stimulated. At Starfish we know we can provide this.

The use of our computer will help develop concentration, hand-eye coordination and recognition skills.  The children will learn to grow their own flowers and vegetables in the planting area and be encouraged to participate in nursery activities such as the Christmas play, where their parents and relatives are welcome to come and join in, with the emphasis on fun, of course!

The children will receive progress reports. In addition to this, parents will be invited to a yearly Parent’s Evening, giving them the opportunity to discuss the progress of their child and to see the activities their child enjoys.