After discussions with our practitioners, we have chosen to utilise staff’s personal interests and hobbies. We have instigated several in-house clubs in which all our children are encouraged to participate in, such as French, Football, Gardening and Cooking club.

The clubs will be offered to all children with ages and stages being taken into careful consideration during the planning of each individual curriculum.

Cultural Capital

Children within the nursery are supported in a familiar and safe environment which gives them the secure base needed for their development. Expanding own skills interests and opportunities is vital for personal growth and development. Here at Starfish, we encourage our children to try new things and support each other during the learning journey of life.

Below is just a small snippet of how we explore cultural capital in a variety of ways such as our in-house clubs such as Football, French, Gardening and Cooking. 

The gardening club allows all children to nurture and watch flowers, fruits and vegetables grow.

Cooking club encourages each child to try new foods (sometimes the ones we have grown), try new skills such as weighing, stirring, kneading, the safe handling of objects such as knives for cutting.

All children within the nursery and encouraged to participate in French club which aids language development, understanding and gives the children the opportunity to discover a new language which they may not have heard before. 

Football supports our children with teamwork, physical and mental wellbeing, language development and confidence all whilst learning a new skill which can provide many opportunities in the future.

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